Wonderful Cities In Norway To Visit

Cities In Norway. Image: Mikita Karasiou, Unsplash.
Cities In Norway. Image: Mikita Karasiou, Unsplash.

Norway is a country located in Northern Europe, in the Scandinavia region. It is known worldwide for its quality of life. In addition, it has numerous natural beauties, and cities that are worth visiting. In order to present more about these cities, we made this article to introduce them to you!

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Cities in Norway To Discover

We will now talk about the main cities in the country that you should know!

  • Oslo;
  • Bergen;
  • Trondheim;
  • Alesund;
  • Tromsø;
  • Stavanger;
  • Haugesund;
  • Tønsberg;
  • Larvik;
  • Lillehammer.


Oslo. Image: Oliver Cole, Unsplash.
Oslo. Image: Oliver Cole, Unsplash.

Oslo is the largest city in the country and also the gateway to Norway. Here we have the biggest infrastructure and the biggest hotel chain. In addition, the city has several attractions, such as several museums, in addition to the Nobel Peace Center, Royal Palace and Oslo Opera House.


This is Norway’s second largest city and legend has it that it is the most beautiful of them all. The city is a synthesis of what is Norway and the US high standard of living. In addition, the city has beautiful gardens along its entire length.


This was the country’s first capital, founded in 997. Among Norway’s cities, it ranks third in size and population. There was buried in 1030 the king converted into saint Olav Haraldsson. The Nidaros Cathedral was built over his tomb, which is a pilgrimage point for many faithful, being the largest medieval building in all of Scandinavia.


Alesund is spread over a series of small islands, so to get a super view of the region, with its fjords and mountains, you can climb 418 steps to the top of Mount Aksla.

The city experienced a tragedy in 1904 when 95% of its houses burned down. which forced a quick reconstruction of everything. Result? A mixture of various architectural styles: art nouveau, gothic and folk. Because of this fact, Alesund is quite different from other cities in Norway, but also a destination that attracts many tourists.


Tromsø. Image: Bjorn Are With Andreassen, Unsplash.
Tromsø. Image: Bjorn Are With Andreassen, Unsplash.

Northern Lights is one of the most incredible phenomena in the world. And, without a doubt, Norway is one of the main countries to observe this phenomenon. Tromsø is the city indicated in this regard. So, go to it and look for a place away from the city lights, on a day without many clouds so you can observe the phenomenon in the best way.


Stavagen is a Norwegian city that attracts many tourists, mainly for two reasons: the Lysefjorden and the famous Preikestolen (the famous Pulpit Stone), one of Norway’s postcards.

Another interesting place to visit is Sverd i fjell, a monument in honor of the Viking past.


This is a very attractive city, located by the sea. At the same time, it has several Viking archaeological attractions. In this way, tourists visiting the region have access to attractions such as restaurants and bars, as well as historical and cultural tours through the Viking heritage.


Tønsberg. Image: Gunnar Ridderstrom, Unsplash.
Tønsberg. Image: Gunnar Ridderstrom, Unsplash

According to many experts, this is the oldest city in Norway. However, little of its foundation has survived to the present day. There are old buildings in ruins, such as the largest castle in the country, dating from the 13th century. In this way, it is also worth visiting several Viking ruins.


This city is located just 130 km from the capital of Norway, Oslo. In addition, it is one of the largest on the south coast. In addition to an excellent number of museums, the city has several archaeological sites, which helped to build a historiography of the Viking peoples who inhabited the region many centuries ago.


Lillehammer. Image: Arvid Hoidahl, Unsplash.
Lillehammer. Image: Arvid Hoidahl, Unsplash

This city is very well known, as it is also the name of a Netflix series. In addition, the city received worldwide fame for hosting the 1994 winter games. Thus, you can imagine that the city stands out, touristically, for having several spaces for practicing snow sports, such as skiing and others.

Therefore, there are several cities in Norway for you to visit. What are you waiting for to discover this wonderful country?

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