Cancun: Top Tips To Discover This Paradise

Discover Cancun. Image: Joseph Barrientos, Unsplash.
Discover Cancun. Image: Joseph Barrientos, Unsplash.

Cancun is a coastal Mexican city, located on the Yucatan Peninsula — south of Mexico and on the country’s border with Guatemala. It is one of the main tourist destinations on the American continent, standing out mainly for its coast, beaches and sea.

In addition, Cancun has a vibrant nightlife, with many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Thus, the city is full of leisure and entertainment options, which caters to honeymooners, with friends or alone.

Top Trips To Discover Cancun

Now we will talk about the main travel tips to get to know this Mexican paradise:

  • When to go to Cancun;
  • Visit the Beaches of Cancun;
  • Discover Isla Mujeres;
  • Explore Chichen Itza;
  • Visit Tulum and Cenotes.

When to go to Cancun

Image: David Emrich, Unsplash.
Image: David Emrich, Unsplash.

The Caribbean is a region that suffers from the passage of tornadoes and hurricanes, and Cancun is included in this route. Despite never having suffered a major disaster, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of this detail, does it? In this way, avoid traveling to the region between August and November, the rainy season when bad weather is commonplace.

Among these mentioned months, September and October are the least indicated, mainly because they are the months with the highest occurrence of rain and strong winds. It is worth mentioning that the prices of stay are cheaper during this period, but we do not recommend anyone to take the risk. Even the color of the water is compromised during this time, thus spoiling the whole experience.

So, when would be the best time to make the trip? It would be between the months of December to May, when rainfall is the lowest of the year — especially from February to March.

Visit the Beaches of Cancun

Image: David Vives, Unsplash.
Image: David Vives, Unsplash.

Cancun has an excellent waterfront infrastructure. In this way, the main attraction of the city is to know the beaches, which can be visited on foot or by public transport, depending on the means of locomotion you have available.

The beaches in the region stand out for the blue of the sea, in addition to the white sand beaches, ideal for those who like to spend the whole day under the strong Caribbean sun. In addition to the beaches of Cancun, there are other beautiful options in the region, such as Akumal Xpu-ha Beach.

Discover Isla Mujeres

Discover Isla Mujeres. Image: Joseph Barrientos, Unsplash.
Discover Isla Mujeres. Image: Joseph Barrientos, Unsplash.

Isla Mujeres is ideal for a quick round trip. The island is small and friendly, and an excellent alternative for those who like more discreet places, away from the most sought after regions, such as Cancun itself. In addition, it has excellent options for tours, such as paradisiacal beaches, viewpoints, and incredible diving options.

Explore Chichen Itza

The Mayan civilization was one of the most important of the pre-Columbian period. It developed on the Yucatan Peninsula, in what is known to historians as “Mesoamerica”. This society developed many cultural and economic aspects, in addition to developing its arts such as paintings, sculptures and architectures.

This civilization crumbled before the arrival of the Spanish invaders. For reasons still unknown, the Mayan cities were abandoned around the year 900. However, many remnants of civilization remained, especially their cities. The archaeological site of Chichén Itza helps visitors learn more about this important people.

The main attraction of the city is the Pyramid of El Castillo, a grandiose Mayan temple in the ancient city of Chichén Itza. In addition to this building, there are other structures and ruins that you can visit at this archaeological site.

Visit Tulum and Cenotes

Image: Gerson Repreza, Unsplash.
Image: Gerson Repreza, Unsplash.

Tulum is an amazing destination located just 2 hours from Cancun. In this way, it can be included in your travel itinerary through the region. Tulum has more laid-back options, with several lodging options that lead directly to the beautiful local beaches.

Among the main Beach options in Tulum, we highlight “Playa Paraiso”. In addition to the beaches, Tulum has important ruins, remnants of the heyday of the Mayan civilization. The peculiarity of this site is that it is located next to the beaches, which makes the landscape very particular and interesting to observers.

Therefore, Cancun is one of the best destinations in Mexico and for those who love the coastal beauty.

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