Things to do in Martinique (A little paradise in the Caribbean)

Martinique. Image: Teddy Charti, Unsplash.
Martinique. Image: Teddy Charti, Unsplash.

The Caribbean is a region of Central America, known mainly for the beauty of its beaches. Among the main destinations in the region, we could not fail to mention Martinique, which is part of the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean.

We made this article for you with the best attractions of this small natural archipelago. Good reading!

What to do in Martinique

Now we have separated the main attractions that you should visit in this small archipelago:

Flower Island;

Visit The Beautiful Beaches;

Diving Activities;

Nature and Gastronomy.

Flower Island

Flower Island. Image: Fabien Lebre, Unsplash.
Flower Island. Image: Fabien Lebre, Unsplash.

“Martinique’s original name was Flores Island. That’s why the inhabitants there insist on having many flower gardens”. This is what the various guides on the island tell us. In addition, the destination that mixes Caribbean traditions with French culture.

Martinique is a welcoming island, with natural beauty, enchanting beaches, an ideal sea for sports and a cuisine that mixes French, Caribbean and African cuisines”. In this way, the languages ​​are French and “Creole”, but English is also spoken in tourist areas.

The destination is an overseas region of France. In this way, French and European Union standards apply for safety, medical care, roads, transport and communications. The official currency is the euro.

Travelers who intend to venture to the destination only need to have a valid passport – no visa is required for up to 90 days of stay. It is also necessary to bring the international certificate of the yellow fever vaccine.

Visit The Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful Beach. Image: Daniel Oberg, Unsplash.
Beautiful Beach. Image: Daniel Oberg, Unsplash.

When we talk about the Caribbean, we always have in mind the beautiful beaches. Therefore, when visiting this small paradise in the Antilles, it is important that you discover the most beautiful beaches in the region. Among the main options, we highlight Fond Blancs, Plage Des Salines, Grand Anse d’Arlet, Anse Dufour, La Baignore de Josephine, La Pointe Marin and many others.

In addition, there are other natural attractions that you need to know, such as the Banana Museum, Jardin de Balata, etc. There are dozens of excursions organized by local agencies, which take you directly from the hotel to the mentioned attractions.

Diving Activities

Ocean in Martinique. Image: Mini Bonz, Unsplash.
Ocean in Martinique. Image: Mini Bonz, Unsplash.

The Caribbean region has characteristics such as crystalline waters and calm currents on the beaches, protected by coral belts. In this way, the space becomes ideal for diving activities. In addition to knowing a little more about the coast, you can see a series of marine animals and algae, given the richness of the reefs in the region.

You can use diving activities to visit and discover some boats and ships that were lost, especially at the time of colonization and pirates.

Nature and Gastronomy

Gastronomy in Martinique. Image: Jametlene Reskp, Unsplash.
Gastronomy in Martinique. Image: Jametlene Reskp, Unsplash.

Regarding nature, the island is very green and has black sand beaches (in the North part) and white sand beaches (in the South part). In this way, there are still interesting and safe trails, following the beaches or walking along the volcano.

Speaking of volcanoes, a major eruption of Mount Pelée (1,397 meters high) took place in 1902, and lava from Pelée destroyed the then capital of Martinique, Saint-Pierre. The ruins of the city are attractive to tourists from all over the world.

Rum is a major attraction of the region. The island has 11 distilleries, which produce 17 varieties of the drink originating from sugar cane. There is even a script on the topic, with tastings.

Thus, Martinique is a small Caribbean paradise, still little explored, but worth adding to your list of places to visit before you die. The place has a rich gastronomy and culture, thanks to the mixture of French culture with African and Caribbean. In addition, it has excellent natural attractions, such as beaches.

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