Madeira Island, Portuguese Territory in the Middle of the Atlantic

Madeira Island in Atlantic Ocean. Image: Svetlana Gumerova, Unsplash.
Madeira Island in Atlantic Ocean. Image: Svetlana Gumerova, Unsplash.

Madeira Island is the main island of the Madeira archipelago. It belongs to the Autonomous Region of Madeira and is located southwest of the Portuguese coast, in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital and largest city is the city of Funchal.

How could it be otherwise, the region stands out for the presence of the Atlantic Ocean on its slopes. In addition to the natural attractions and centuries-old buildings, the region has excellent attractions in terms of higher education, such as the University of Madeira (public), Escola Superior de Enfermagem de São José de Cluny and Instituto Superior de Administração e Línguas (both private).

Image: Marcio Sousa, Unsplash.
Image: Marcio Sousa, Unsplash.

In order to better present the location to you, and indicate why you should consider it in your choice to visit for tourism or even as a student, we have made this short article.

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Top Attractions in Madeira Island

Image: Colin Watts, Unsplash.

Now we will talk about the main attractions on Madeira Island:

  • Porto Santo;
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Museum;
  • Farmers’ Market;
  • Cable car do Monte;
  • Cabo Girao.

Porto Santo

Portugal has been surprising us a lot, however Madeira Island managed to exceed our expectations. Known as Flores Island, it gives us the feeling of having immersed ourselves in an enchanted world at all times. There is tourism for all tastes and types, from paradisiacal beaches to the countryside, light walks to extreme sports. Madeira has a mild climate throughout the year and a happy, receptive and hospitable people.

Cristiano Ronaldo Museum

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on Madeira Island, and it’s impossible to talk about the island without mentioning him, one of the best football players we’ve ever had, not to mention the best. To this day, the player maintains a close relationship with his land.

His brother had the idea of ​​creating the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum to share with the world all the awards that the star has already received, the museum is completely private, and the amount of awards that are there is incredible. At the end it is possible to take a picture with the virtual Cristiano.

Farmers’ Market

I usually say that the municipal markets are the heart of the city, I see so much local culture in the food and people that are there. I love visiting these places, and the Madeira Market was no different.

On Fridays, the market square is even more colorful and full of fruit, as there are more market stalls. We love it as we went on a Friday. We tasted local fruits, discovered banana passion fruit, English tomato (tree tomato) and many other fruits. All are delicious, we love to feel the taste of Madeira more.

Cable Car do Monte

Cable Car do Monte. Image: Stefan k, Unsplash.
Cable Car do Monte. Image: Stefan k, Unsplash.

It is the biggest cable car on the island, it is located in the Old Town, in Funchal and takes us to Monte, from where it is possible to descend with the famous basket cars. The view is simply beautiful, I suggest you sit facing the sea and enjoy the stunning landscape. In addition, it is possible to see from above the football field where Cristiano Ronaldo played when he was only 8 years old.

Cabo Girao

Image: Tim Rossjen, Unsplash.
Image: Tim Rossjen, Unsplash.

It is the highest cape in Europe and the second highest in the world with its 580m altitude. From its viewpoint it is possible to see the crystal clear water through the glass platform that goes beyond the cliff towards the sea.

I, who am terrified of heights, got tense when stepping and feeling the vertigo, however after a few minutes looking at that beautiful view my fear passed and I was able to enjoy the place.

Therefore, Madeira Island is a very interesting destination for you to discover in the Atlantic!

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