Discover French Normandy

French Normandy: Charliewarl, Unsplash.
French Normandy: Charliewarl, Unsplash.

When we talk about France, Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the museums of the French capital, the valleys full of Bordeaux vineyards immediately come to mind. But France is not going to do that. A great attraction is French Normandy, located in the north of the country.

After all, why is French Normandy such an interesting destination that you should visit in France? We made this article in order to answer this question, pointing out the main reasons to visit this region of France.

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French Normandy: Main Attractions

These are the main attractions of French Normandy:

  • Mont Saint-Michel;
  • Monet’s Giverny and Gardens;
  • D-Day Beaches;
  • Cliffs of Etretat;
  • Honfleur.

Mont Saint-Michel

Image: Mx Xerty, Unsplash.
Image: Mx Xerty, Unsplash.

This medieval fortress was built in the middle of the English Channel, a small stretch of sea that separates France from the United Kingdom. It is one of the favorite destinations for travelers from all over the world. It is listed by UNESCO and has outstanding features. In that way, it’s an amazing experience.

Furthermore, to discover this attraction, you can set aside just one day, but 2 or three are recommended. Therefore, try to stay at least one night in the region, preferably within the fortress walls. Thus, your experience will be even more remarkable.

Monet’s Giverny and Gardens

Image: Mx Xerty, Unsplash.
Image: Mx Xerty, Unsplash.

Monet’s Gardens are among the favorite tours for those who want to go on a day trip to Normandy from Paris, as it is located just an hour from the French capital. It is ideal for those with a tight schedule, but don’t want to miss this little paradise.

Another must-see attraction is the house where Claude Monet lived. This residence, currently a Museum, is open to the public (with the exception of winter). In this way, for those who want to get to know some of the scenarios that inspired the artist, the visit is highly recommended.

Strolling through the gardens will give you a unique and synesthetic art experience.

D-Day Beaches

D-Day, another name for Operation Overload, is a date that marks the landing of the allies in Normandy with the aim of liberating France. It took place on June 6, 1944 and was instrumental in ending World War II and is still celebrated today around the world, especially in France.

The beaches where the Allied troops landed are known and visited until today, either by historians or by lovers of military history. It is still possible to see some artifacts of the battle, such as protections and fortresses built to hinder the action of the allied troops.

Cliffs of Etretat

Image: Didier Provost, Unsplash.
Image: Didier Provost, Unsplash.

This scenario is cinematographic and ideal for those who want to take unforgettable photos or have access to an excellent landscape. Although all of French Normandy has cliffs, in Etretat they become even more beautiful and interesting. Thus, for lovers of beautiful landscapes and natural beauties, this trip becomes a must.

Those arriving in the region can take two different routes along the cliffs. With each step taken, the landscape becomes even more interesting. Sunset in this region is unforgettable, as the sun illuminates the natural walls in orange.


Image: Mx Xerty, Unsplash.
Image: Mx Xerty, Unsplash.

This is a small port town. At first glance, you might find Honfleur unattractive given its size. However, it offers unforgettable landscapes for those who visit it. In addition, there are historic buildings such as the low walls around the Vieux Bassin.

The city’s main postcard is the city’s port, built in the 17th century. The region’s ornate boats have inspired many artists and painters in the region, including Monet. The restaurants in the region are a must for those who want to know more about the region.

Therefore, French Normandy offers historical attractions and incredible natural landscapes for those who want to know more of France beyond the city of Paris!

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