6 Places To Visit In Nicaragua

Places to Visit In Nicaragua. Image: Ubu Komorova, Unsplash.
Places to Visit In Nicaragua. Image: Ubu Komorova, Unsplash.

Nicaragua is a little known destination for tourists from all over the world. However, the country has become increasingly evident in the tourist route, especially in the route that includes Central America. In order to address the main attractions of the country, we made this article listing the main places to visit in Nicaragua.

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Discover 6 Places to Visit In Nicaragua

Now we will present you which places you should visit on your visit to Nicaragua:

  • San Juan Del Sur;
  • Isla Ometepe;
  • Granada;
  • León;
  • Las Peñitas;
  • Bluefields.

1. San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur. Image: Leonel Ubeda, Unsplash.
San Juan Del Sur. Image: Leonel Ubeda, Unsplash.

This city is located near the border with Costa Rica. Its coast is washed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. The city has become a true meeting point for backpackers from all over the world, who travel in search of sun, surf, beach and fun.

2. Isla Ometepe

In the middle of the great Lake Nicaragua, the second largest in all of Latin America, Isla Ometepe is one of the most popular destinations in the country. With a very peaceful atmosphere, the island is a perfect destination for those who are looking for contact with nature and tranquility.

Some of the places you can visit there are: Punta Jesus Maria, Charco Verde Ecological Reserve, El Ojo de agua and the Madera and Concepción volcanoes.

3. Granada

Granada. Image: Emili Diallo, Unsplash.
Granada. Image: Emili Diallo, Unsplash.

Grenada is one of the country’s biggest attractions. The city is full of colonial buildings and they are in an excellent state of preservation. Thus, for lovers of old buildings, the visit is essential. In addition, the city has a large number of restaurants, bars and other developments much appreciated by tourists.

When visiting the city of Granada, take the opportunity to visit the Laguna de Apoyo.

4. León

León. Image: Uday Misra, Unsplash.
León. Image: Uday Misra, Unsplash.

Like Granada, Leon is a colonial city, whose buildings are reflections of the Spanish colonization in the country. Despite lacking the charm and infrastructure of Granada, Leon is worth a visit, especially for its personality and unique elements. There is no other city like this one.

In addition, the fact that this city is little known to most tourists makes the place even more mystical and suitable for visiting. From this city, it is possible to discover other incredible sights, such as the nearby volcanoes. Thus, for trekking lovers, the trip to Leon is inevitable.

5. Las Peñitas

Las Peñitas. Image: Alexander Schimmeck, Unsplash.
Las Peñitas. Image: Alexander Schimmeck, Unsplash.

This attraction is located just 30 minutes from León. This beach is very beautiful and ideal for the practice of activities such as surfing. In addition, it has very lively parties at Bigfoot Beach House.

Another very interesting point of this attraction in the country is the beautiful sunset, which presents observers throughout the late afternoon on the beach.

6. Bluefields

This village is located on the Caribbean side of the country. It has beautiful beaches, but despite this, it is still a region little visited by tourists. In this way, you can take advantage of this feature to get to know a little more about this little explored region.

It is worth mentioning that access to the place is not the simplest, but that the experience is worth all the effort to reach the place. In addition to visiting Bluefields, it is worth taking time out of your visit to visit the Caribbean islands of Corn Island, which is located just over 7km off the coast of Nicaragua.

Thus, Nicaragua is a country that is still little visited, but it deserves your attention when deciding on your next destination. The country is sought after as much for its colonial past as for its natural landscapes. There are several places to visit in Nicaragua. Don’t waste any more time!

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